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The medicine ball that packs a few PUNCHES!


PutDaWorkIn, GetDaResults

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Traditional partner training with pads are not nimble and fluid enough due to static pads putting a lot of strain on the pad man/woman, thus leading to injuries.

PutDaWorkIn Ball is designed to deliver agility, reactive and ultimate results for both partners through smooth shapes, coded color parts and timed intervals.

With the PutDaWorkIn Ball, you can finally train like a CHAMPION!

And remember when it comes to fitness
“Nothing Works, Unless You PutDaWorkIn!
The best thing in fitness since the medicine ball,
We Present To You The PDWI BALL
A Ball Of Many Features
Frond and back With its patented design, the PDWI ball is the perfect fitness tool whether training solo or with a partner.

Slightly weighted (6lbs or 12lbs) so you can work on core strength , stability and balance 
Easy to handle, thanks to its ergonomically placed handles.

Colour coded design for these intense cognitive reaction drills.

Just call the colour and react with a punch!

Fitted interval timer so you can focus on just that; which is PutDaWorkIn!!
Train Smart & Anywhere Get The Results Fast

The Ultimate Punching Ball For That Ultimate Partner Workout

The smart and fun way to practice your movement & punches with anybody who wants to PutDaWorkIn 
Level Up Your Workout
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A Little Bit About The PDWI Ball
  • Diameter: 14in (352mm)
  • Weight: Will be available in 2 weights
    6.5lbs (3kg) or 13lbs (6 kg)
  • Material: EVA foam Padding To absorb and cushion these punches
  • Fitted interval timer so you never have to look away
Nothing works unless you PutDaWorkIn
Well the PDWI ball is here to help

Effective Way To Train For Boxing, Kickboxing MMA Or Just A Fun Cardio Work Out.
It’s designed to help you achieve better results through movement, color coding, and timed intervals. You’ll see results in no time. Plus, it’s really fun to use so you won’t even realize how hard you’re working.
Higher Results One Punch At A Time
All This At Your Pace
Whether you are a professional or a newbie, the ball is what you need to step up your training game to the next level. Its spherical design allows you to work on angles, timing, as well as distance and range when throwing shots, with the partner work out where you switch over; it even works the core.
Stay Focused During Workouts
With the built-in timer, the PWDI Ball is the world's smart ball to get most of the workout, without getting distracted on checking the phone for timekeeping.

Just concentrate on your partners reps and rounds by just pressing start .Simple as that .
The PDWI ball will sound the alarm when it’s time to take a break then again when rest time is over and it’s time to PutDaWorkIn 

Think Quicker With Your Punches
Forget about hearing: left, jab, uppercut. Thanks to the PDWI Ball’s patented design, you can add more cognitive aspects to your training. The color-changing system forces you to observe the ball before throwing the punch. Become faster, smarter, and better prepared for whatever comes your way in the ring.
Now Let’s Talk Ergonomics 
Even better than a traditional medicine ball as the ergonomically placed narrow grip of the weighted PDWI ball will increase the range of motion and therefore time under tension. And will also minimises the stress on the shoulders
Nobody To PutDaWorkIn With 😢?
No problem, With the added weight of either 3kg (6.5lbs) or 6kg (12lbs)

The PDWI ball has actually got the benefits of a medicine ball
And the close grip handles strengthens triceps, tones biceps, chest and maximises core strength while reducing stress to shoulders!
Level Up Your Workout
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High-intensity Training.
Any Level, Any one, Any where
Beginners with trainers
Friends and family
Advanced boxers
  • Easy to use
  • ​There is no set up needed
  • ​No training skills needed
  • ​Use the built-in interval timer to time your workout accordingly and start moving.
  • ​Just grab onto the ergonomic handles and start your workout
  • ​Colour coded to help improve reactive and cognitive skills . Call colour, react with the punch
  • ​Switch between holder and puncher to have more fun
  • ​Or work on your own and work on your rotational and anti rotational core exercise
The PDWI Ball lets you train on your own, with anybody, and anywhere. 

As well as improving your combat skills, it is a sociable activity that you can enjoy with friends or family — challenging, motivating, competing…

Just get a training buddy and start hitting away at the ball with timed intervals and really put your cardiovascular fitness to the test.

And make your boxercise workouts fun and effective.
Level Up Your Workout
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